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Building the Cyber-Paradise

Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd
Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd (BPML) is responsible for the management of major IT/Business Park in Mauritius. Its first key assignment is the Ebene Cybercity Project. Other projects include the setting up of the Rose Belle Business Park. BPML, through its subsidiary BPML Freeport Services Ltd, manages the Trade and Marketing Center (TMC) Building at Mer Rouge and Informatics Park at La Tour Koenig.
Cyber Properties Investment Ltd
Cyber Properties Investment Ltd (CPIL) is the owner and developer of the Cyber Tower and the Administrative Block in the Ebene Cybercity Project. CPIL has been incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of BPML to provide the financing structure of the above two major components of the Cybercity.
State Informatics Ltd (SIL) is a systems integrator engaged in the provision and implementation of software solutions to business organisations. SIL also provides consultancy services and acts as a reseller of hardware in a global package.