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Adapting innovative financial mechanisms for our maturing economy.

AFREXIM bank is a supranational institution created to promote trade between African states and also to promote export trade to the world markets. It operates a line of Credit Programme for small and medium-sized trading entities, a project-related financing Programme for the import of equipment needed for export manufacturing, an investment Banking Programme for underwriting Services and County Programme to support counties facing peculiar economic difficulties.
Central Depository & Settlement Co Ltd  
Central Depository & Settlement Co Ltd (CDS) provides centralised depository, clearing and settlement services to securities markets. The Securities(Central Depository, Clearing and Settlement)Act 1996 provides the legal framework for the operations of the CDS.
Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd  
The DBM is a Development Finance Institution set up in 1964 and privatised in 1989. It provides a whole array of financial assistance, which covers all the productive sectors of the Mauritian economy. Today the bank continues to play an active role in the implementation of Government's economic development policies and diversification programmes.
First City Bank Ltd  
The First City Bank Ltd (FCBL ) started operations in May 2002 after having acquired substantially all the banking businesses of the former Delphis Bank Ltd, which had commenced business in 1991 by successfully acquiring the business activities of the late BCCI Bank. To strengthen its presence and increase its market share, Delphis Bank later acquired the banking business of the ex-Union Bank in 1997 and 2 ex-branches of Barclays Bank in 1998. Just prior to its closure, Delphis Bank had a net work of 13 branches throughout the island, a customer base 58,000 clients and a workforce of 200 employees, all these assets and other liabilities have been transferred to the FCBL.
Mauritius Housing Company Ltd  
The Mauritius Housing Company Ltd (MHC) specialises in providing housing finance for housing development in Mauritius and Rodrigues. It is presently the leading housing finance company. It offers loans for the construction, extension, completion, and repairs of houses. It also finances the purchase of land, house and apartments.
National Investment Trust Ltd  
National Investment Trust Ltd is a closed-end fund whose principal activity is to invest in shares and securities in both the local and international markets. The objective of the NIT is to provide shareholders with long-term capital growth and income from a diversified portfolio of investments.
Rodrigues Venture Capital Fund Ltd  
Rodrigues Capital Venture Ltd (RCVF) provides leasing, equity participation and loan facilities to Rodriguan entrepreneurs in the agricultural, industrial, fishing and manufacturing sectors at concessionary rates.
State Bank International Ltd  
The principal activity of the SBI International (Mauritius) Ltd is to carry on the business of banking and all services connected therewith, namely the business of offshore Banking in Mauritius and in any part of the world. The Bank operates in the offshore banking sector. The Bank was previously named State Bank International Ltd.
State Bank of Mauritius Ltd  
State Bank of Mauritius Ltd is an integrated banking group with a total asset base of Rs 387 billion and a capital base of Rs 5.5 billion. It has branches all over the island and has overseas operations in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad in India. It has also a subsidiary bank in Antananarivo-Madagascar.
State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd  
The State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd (SICOM) offers a wide range of insurance policies and financial services. Through its subsidiaries, namely SICOM Financial Services Ltd (SFSL), SICOM Global Fund Ltd (SGFL) and SICOM Management Ltd (SML), it also carries out depository, investment and management business activities.
Bramer Bank Ltd  
CIM Financial Services Ltd