The SIC would wish to hear from any one who would be interested to invest or to launch a new venture. Your venture may get the necessary boost by discussing it with our dedicated team. We will be in a position to understand your business model and to assist you effectively in building a successful business.

The SIC identifies and assists entrepreneurs with potentially rapidly growing companies. We also are ready to support investors that have the vision, willingness and technology to achieve leadership in expanding or new markets. The SIC invests throughout the value chain. We are prepared to negotiate with interested parties across the value continuum.

The objective of the Corporation is to provide funds, predominantly equity, for the realisation of projects in key economic sectors. Investment may be commercial, strategic or pioneering in nature. Commercial investments are selected on the basis of high financial and economic pay back rates. Strategic investments are those projects which are of strategic importance for the economic development of the country. The Corporation normally subscribe for minority shareholdings in private or public sector projects. The Corporation may take majority holdings in projects it is spearheading. Investments are made on the basis of a due diligence and appraisal exercise.

The following restrictions apply to the Corporation

The Corporation will maintain a portfolio balance between industry sectors and will normally not invest more than 30% of its portfolio in any one sector.

The Corporation will normally invest the lower of 10% of its portfolio or Rs 100m in a Company.

The Corporation will normally invest the lower of 15% of its portfolio or Rs 200m in a group.

Please contact the Portfolio and Investment Management team.